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What To Expect in a Reading Session with me . . .


We’ll begin the session right away.  You can ask about any specific areas or questions you want help or guidance.  Or let me begin by telling you what is developing and unfolding in your life.  Depending on the length of the reading, we can discuss what’s coming up for you in the near future, including how powerful astrological aspects, like retrogrades and the upcoming Eclipses, will affect you directly.  In longer sessions, we can also discuss compatibility issues ~ or we can devote the entire session to relationship if you choose!

You’ll receive help with you questions,  upcoming decisions or choices, and a view of what’s coming toward you in the coming days, weeks, months – or years.   Understanding.,  clarity, awareness, guidance.  direction.   You’ll receive clear, full and direct answers to your questions.  Understanding.  Timing, Direction and Guidance

 All sessions are recorded (only if you desire!) and immediately emailed to you as an mp3 file.

Generally, I will phone you at the appointment time, although if you’d prefer you may call me at (602) 904-5650.

Private sessions are scheduled by appointment from 9am – 6pm pacific time.

Please email with any questions and available appointment times, as well as preferred days or times that would work best for you.

Sessions are payable by PayPal prior to the appointment time. 
Just choose the option from the list below and send payment via PayPal to   Please include your phone number, birth date, birth city, and birth time (if you know it).

And I’ll call you at the appointment time.   Or if you prefer, you may call me at (602) 904-5650.
Just let me know which you prefer. . .
15-minute mini reading
Perfect for a one-question answer
30-minute reading
Most popular. Covers a great deal of information!
60-minute reading
Most comprehensive and also includes 15min follow-up call
Free to you. . . just send an email request

I also offer Distance Reiki healing to you or a loved one at no charge. There’s no need for an appointment. Just email me and I’ll let you know when the Reiki healing energy will be sent to you or a loved one (Place “Reiki” in email subject).

Free Guide to Mercury Retrograde ~A Mercury Retrograde Helper . . . Surviving and Thriving in Mercury retrograde – Next upcoming oct 31 – nov20, 2019!  (Place “Mercury” in email subject).

Free live readings at Blog Talk Radio ~ Intuitive Life with Skye…. 


Use this I WONDER Statement to shift your energy to receive miracles in your life!   Just repeat the Statements every morning ~ or before you go to sleep . . . and be ready to receive!   

W o n d e r !
I wonder what spirit is bringing into my life today…
I wonder how prosperity will come to me today…
I wonder how flow and magic will happen today…
I wonder what delicious surprises await me today!

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