Intuitive Life Works
with Skye MacKenna
Colors of Your Soul ~
Writing and Coloring Journals

Colors of Your Soul Writing Journals are a place for you to take a break from the chaotic pace of daily life and leave life’s stresses behind, offering you a quiet place to play.… Just know that there are no rules here. Just choices – a private place to relax and smile.  

These Writing Journals are all about offering you a quiet place of relaxed joy, and a place to think, play, and plan – all with an Inner Knowing that every word, every color, word and line you choose gently moves you toward newness and fresh beginnings. 

The  Writing Journals have a wide variety images for coloring, including nature-inspired garden flowers, birds and animals, mandalas, as well as abstracts and patterns, to suit your creating mood. With and there are lined pages and graph pages waiting for your thoughts, words and planning as well.  

It’s a place for you to retreat if you need that… It’s a place to play. A place to have fun. To not be serious. And/or it’s a place to put your deepest thoughts and feelings, and plans. And be magnificently serious about it! And it’s a place for all of the above. Even at the same time!

Welcome to the Colors of Your Soul Writing Journals – a creative and gentle place to land!   

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