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Skye MacKenna . Strategic Life Coach

I am an artist, intuitive, master astrologer, Reiki master, and have helped clients around the world discover their own unique path, blaze new beginnings, find solutions and answers, reach for new opportunities and goals – and in some cases, ultimately understand and realize their ultimate life’s purpose . . .

This is where you can find guidance to bring your unique vision and gifts into the world in a bigger way.   Clear, empowering assistance can gently guide you back to your original path ~ or to new, exciting one, with improved choices and actions.

About . . .

Please know that love and healing meet you here.
These pages have been infused with pure Reiki energy if you wish to receive it…. Time to breathe, soften . . . Receive..
Timing for Success.
I also specialize in selecting the most beneficial times to act in order to reach successful outcomes.   While another important part of my practice is revealing the compatibility between individual, as well as business, relationships, and if there is a powerful interconnected future, a challenge to deal with, difficulties, or no significant or potential connection at all.
Powerful Relationships
Another significant part of my practice is devoted to revealing the compatibility between individual, as well as business, relationships in order to determine if there is compatibility, a powerful, lasting interconnected future, whether there might be difficulties to work though, or even major challenges to deal with, or no potential or significant connection at all.

All types of relationships can often benefit from a professional outside perspective ~ and in a personal relationship having an answer about  the likelihood of it “working out” can make all the difference in taking action or future choices and decisions.
Creativity coaching

Creativity is your birthright.  Life is creative.  At all times.  Whether you are a writer, painter, poet, photographer, or business person or homemaker, you create….  But sometimes we forget.  Or get side tracked.  Or feel stuck.

And sometimes getting off center and blossoming can be helped by having someone to offer direction or a gentle accountability or a nudge.  Someone who offers entirely supportive non-judgment encouragement . . . .

I have a degree in fine art and currently work in fused glass, painting and photography.  I am a writer and create and teach Visionary Intuitive Art from the Soul.  And through one-time, short or long-term creativity and goal coaching, I can offer gentle direction, guidance and nudges as necessary.

Contact me for single-session or longer term possibilities . . . .

Bring your vision and gifts into the world in a bigger way.
Free distant Reiki healing.
And new Healing Blog comin soon!
a Mercury retrograde helper . . .
Surviving and Thriving in Mercury retrograde – Next upcoming oct 31 – nov20
Colors of Your Soul Journal Coloring Books


The Colors of Your Soul Writing Journals are a place for you to take a break from the chaotic pace of daily life and leave life’s stresses behind, offering you a quiet place to play.… Just know that there are no rules here. Just choices – a private place to relax and smile.  

These Writing Journals are all about offering you a quiet place of relaxed joy, and a place to think, play, and plan – all with an Inner Knowing that every word, every color, word and line you choose gently moves you toward newness and fresh beginnings.  

Welcome to the Colors of Your Soul Writing Journals – a creative and gentle place to land!

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